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Oracle Life Sciences Vice President of Global Innovation, Kathy Vandebelt, interviews industry experts and leaders on pressing topics in the Life Sciences industry.

Feb 28, 2023

Clinical research professionals across all types of research organizations often struggled with implementing process improvements and the adoption of digital tools. When external factors (such as pandemic disruptions) force transformational process changes, the adoption of digital tools follows. At that point, the value of the new solutions suddenly becomes stunningly clear.
Patients and research sponsors continue to push for faster, more responsive, and more inclusive drug development. This enables new technologies and solutions to emerge to help meet those expectations. The clinical research professionals working at research sites are expected to embrace all of the changes coming their way. Research teams must quickly learn and understand the trial protocols, new capabilities, and work effectively in hybrid environments. Delivering on these expectations can be hampered by the transition from legacy processes and technologies, cybersecurity risks, or even just employees who are resistant to change.
In this episode, Beth Harper, Chief Learning Officer at Pro-ficiency, and Joseph (Joe) Kim, Chief Marketing Officer at ProofPilot Inc, industry leaders passionate about digitally transforming clinical research share their thoughts on how people, processes, and technology are successfully helping clinical research professionals handle the volume and complexity of trials and research programs.