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Oracle Life Sciences Vice President of Global Innovation, Kathy Vandebelt, interviews industry experts and leaders on pressing topics in the Life Sciences industry.

May 30, 2023

The US cancer death rate has fallen by 33% since 1991 with an estimated 3.8 million deaths averted. This is attributed to “good progress” improvements in cancer treatment, decreases in smoking, and increases in early detection. A recent rise in advanced cancer cases reported is believed to be an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic which delayed screenings and treatment.
Access, equity, and inclusion when developing and deploying new solutions to combat this disease remain paramount. The impact of cancer on people’s lives and their families is profound. Many live with cancer for long periods and it is important to consider the morbidity caused by this disease. Cancer survivors are 2½ times more likely to declare bankruptcy than those without the disease.
CancerX is responding to the call of the White House by establishing a public-private partnership to boost innovation in the fight against cancer. This initiative brings many diverse stakeholders together to unleash the power of innovation needed to create a future free of the burden of cancer.
In this episode, Sarah Sheehan, Program Lead at the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), Dr. Corinne Leach, Director of Digital Innovation for Research Excellence with Moffitt Cancer Center, and Dr. Grace Cordovano, co-founder of Unblock Health will unveil the goals and deliverables of the inaugural CancerX project, Advancing Digital Innovation to Improve Equity and Reduce Financial Toxicity in Cancer Care and Research.