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Oracle Life Sciences Vice President of Global Innovation, Kathy Vandebelt, interviews industry experts and leaders on pressing topics in the Life Sciences industry.

Nov 17, 2021

Anxiety, stress, and exhaustion are on the rise and impacting many of us. With a lot happening in our world that we don’t have much control over, our routines have been disrupted and it’s affecting our overall health and mindset. Combine that with the stress holidays can bring, and you have a recipe for total burnout.

In episode 22, we wanted to cover how and why it’s so important to set healthy boundaries as a means of cultivating optimal health. For example, did you know sleep is the single most effective thing you we can do to re-set our brain and body? And yet, roughly 70 million people in the United States suffer from sleep disorders. Insufficient sleep can cost a nation anywhere from one to almost three percent of their GDP, and in the US, a staggering $411B of lost productivity is also due to not getting enough sleep.

Sit back, relax, and listen as CEO and Founder of the Ardelian Kuzma Group, Aneta Ardelian Kuzma, teaches us tips, tricks, and tools to help us take control of our health and wellness. In this episode, you will learn how to take control of your schedule and implement proactive routines to prevent stress and boost your immune system, create habits that supercharge your self-care journey, increase mindfulness and clarity through meditation, and relieve tension and anxiety by focusing on gratitude.