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Oracle Life Sciences Vice President of Global Innovation, Kathy Vandebelt, interviews industry experts and leaders on pressing topics in the Life Sciences industry.

Aug 25, 2021

Medical devices are an integral part to many procedures and treatments, and last month we started to investigate the vast and innovative world of these types of technologies in a two-part series on The Latest Dose. In part one, our esteemed guests, Dr. Khaudeja Bano, the executive medical director of combination product safety, global patient safety & pediatrics at Amgen; Nada Hanafi, the chief strategy officer at Experien Group; and Shruti Iyer, senior software reliability engineer at Medtronic, took us through the guidance and regulations surrounding medical devices, and highlighted one of the biggest trends in the space, artificial intelligence.

In part two, our guests are back to talk about another significant trend: virtual, augmented, and extended reality in medical devices. These devices are becoming essential in clinical research and healthcare, and are increasingly more innovative with each passing year. They’ll also discuss how to safely and effectively bring these new solutions to patients in a changing clinical world.